The Accuracy of Extrapolated Design Estimates with Hydrologic and Environmental Models
Extrapolation error in water resources and environmental modeling has not been the subject of adequate study in the past. In research and design, estimates obtained from regression models...

Characterization of Anaerobic Microbial Consortium Response to Thiol-Reactive Compounds
The activity of anaerobes in wastewater treatment processes can be limited when a toxicant enters the system. For certain toxicants, along with the decrease in metabolic activity, an efflux...

Replacing a Dying Water Infrastructure
The water infrastructure in the United States will soon need massive repairs. Pipes are leaking, and most pipes are near the end of their life cycles. Tens of thousands of sewer overflows...

Development and Application of a Decision Support System for Municipal Water Infrastructure Planning: Challenges and Successes
Many water utilities across the country continue to face the challenge of intelligent planning for cost effective, efficient operation, larger demands, stricter government regulations,...

The Pocono Creek Goals-Based Watershed Management Pilot Study-Phase 2
Phase 2 of the Pocono Creek Pilot Study begins with focusing on the issues identified in Phase 1 and prioritizing them on a watershed wide scale. The Pocono Project worked through the...

The Water Resources Development Act for Restoration of Urban Waterway Superfund Sites
The objective of this paper is to provide information for interested parties to use in their evaluation of WRDA as a potential authority for completion of sediment remediation and restoration...

Sediment Remediation at the Unnamed Tributary to the Ottawa River
A sediment removal action was conducted in the Unnamed Tributary to the Ottawa River to address sediments containing polychlorinated biphenyls(PCBs) at concentrations up to 74,000 mg/kg....

The Cyanic Threat
In the past terrorists have attempted to contaminate drinking water supplies in the United States with cyanide - one of the most lethal poisons known to man. So far they have been unsuccessful....

Wine Tasting and Daydreaming: What's Behind the Water in Your Napa Valley Wine?

Water Supply

Committee Report on Control of Microorganisms in Drinking Water

Risks Posed by Pathogens in Drinking Water

Microbially-Mediated Corrosion and Water Quality Deterioration

The Indicator Concept and Its Application in Water Supply

Control of Microorganisms in Drinking Water by Pressure-Driven Membrane Processes

Chlorine Dioxide in Drinking Water Treatment - A Brief Overview

Ozone Disinfection in Drinking Water

Emerging Pathogens of Concern in Drinking Water

Multi-Phase Plumes in Uniform, Stratified, and Flowing Environments

Finite Element Analysis of Stratified Lake Hydrodynamics





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