A Comprehensive Look at the California Coastal Commission's Regulation of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

Geologic Review: Better Regulation Through Interagency Cooperation

Local Marine Fisheries Impact Program

Exxon Corp V. Fischer

Stages in Offshore Oil Exploration: Florida

Development of Gulf of Mexico Deep-Water Oil and Gas Fields on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf

The Italian Seas: Legal Frameworks and Management Patterns

Pile Capacity Prediction Using Parameter Functions

University of Florida Pile Capacity Prediction

Estimation of Ultimate Capacity of Driven Piles and Drilled Piers

Evaluating Uplift Pressures for Concrete Gravity Dams
An approach for evaluating uplift and dam foundation conditions, which resulted from the initial phases of an Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) study is presented. An earlier study...

A Hazardous Data Explosion
During the 1980s, public concern and government regulations have spawned the huge hazardous waste management industry. But the industry has opened a Pandora's box for site...

Augering Answers
Leaking storage tanks, a long time environmental problem, are now being addressed nationally with cleanup regulations. Clearly, inexpensive and quick remediations are needed. This article...

Waterstop Technology—The Next Chapter
Water leakage through and around failed waterstops in concrete structures can cause serious flooding, damage to equipment, affect structural stability, and pose potential safety problems....

Rock Engineering at Cat Arm Hydroelectric Development
Cat Arm Hydroelectric Development in Newfoundland, Canada, develops 129 MW from 384 m of head. The project was constructed between 1981 and 1984 and comprises 5 large dams, 5 small dams,...

Snowden Hydroelectric Facility Expansion and Improvements
A geotechnical investigation was undertaken in October 1983. The investigation included core drill samples at the powerhouse, along the proposed dike, at the retaining walls and headgate...

Exploring Karst Terrain with Air Track Drilling
Pneumatic-powered track-mounted, percussion drills can be used to perform or augment geotechnical investigations in some karst settings. The air track drill is best suited to exploring...

Adaptive Model for Drilled Shafts in Expansive Clay

Lateral Analysis of Drilled Piers Incorporating Soil Variability
In probabilistic studies, the mean or expected value of the parameter in question, along with its measured dispersion or standard deviation, are determined. In this study the Three Point...

Considerations in the Design and Installation of Horizontally Drilled Pipeline River Crossings
The authors will present a review of directionally controlled horizontal drilling techniques for pipeline installation by describing the state-of-the-art of the process vis-a-vis subsurface...





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