Practical Guide to Grouting of Underground Structures
This book presents a hands-on discussion of grouting fundamentals and provides a foundation for the development of practical specifications and field procedures. The author takes a practical...

Chicago's Micropile Debut
On a tight, urban site around Chicago's historic Orchestra Hall, engineers used high-capacity micropiles as an alternative to hand-dug caissons. On a $104 million project...

Field Load Testing of a Drilled-in Anchor System

Principal Aspects of Petrographical Examination of Rock Salts to Assess Their Suitability for Radioactive Waste Disposal

Calcite and Zeolite Fracture Coatings in Topopah Spring Tuff Along Drill Hole Wash, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Eolian-Deposited Minerals Around Drill Hole USW SD-9, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Remediation Using Nested, Horizontal Wells

An Integrated Remediation/Redevelopment Approach for a 31-Acre Site with Oil Field Drilling Waste Sumps

Bullwinkle's Big Brother
In 1980, the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award went to Cognac, Shell Oil Co.'s then-tallest offshore platform. In 1989 the Bullwinkle platform became the new...

Stability of Drilled Shafts Under Earthquake Induced Axial Loads

A Primer on Micropiles
A major study of micropile technology has recently been funded by the Federal Highway Authority and completed by the authors. The subject is defined as a drilled and grouted, cast-in-place,...

Robotic Options for Mining of Near-Earth Objects
The mining and processing of a Near-Earth Object (NEO) should be as simple and as robust as possible - the fewer processes and parts the better. Reliability and survivability of the total...

Evaluation of the Pagosa Springs Geothermal Reservoir and Implications of Potential Additional Reservoir Development
The Town of Pagosa Springs is located 280 miles from Denver on the north bank of the San Juan River in southwest Colorado as shown on the Index Map, Some time before 1920 the first well...

A New Angle on Ground-Water Remediation
When engineers from Black & Veatch Waste Science (BVWS) went to Tinker Air Force Base to examine the site of a hazardous waste cleanup job the service had hired them for, they...

Developing Standardized Connection Analysis Techniques for Slim Hole Core Rod Designs

Analyses of Releases Due to Drilling at the Potential Yucca Mountain Repository

Oil and Gas Exploration Near Yucca Mountain, Southern Nevada

The Impact of the Doe Decision Making Process at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant with Respect to Petroleum Reserves

Mechanical and Bulk Properties in Support of ESF Design Issues

Effects of SPT Equipment and Procedures on the Design of Shallow Foundations on Sand
The effect on our computations of bearing capacity and settlement of shallow foundations suggests that as more efficient SPT hammers and procedures are used, our shallow foundation designs...





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