Applications of Horizontal Sampling and Logging Technologies in Geotechnical Site Investigations

Mine Shaft Stabilization Using Compaction Grouting

Experience with Steel Seal Membranes for Liners in Pressure Shafts and Tunnels

Geotechnical Engineering Aspects of Microtunneling in Soft Ground

Rock Grouting: Contemporary Concepts in Materials, Methods, and Verification

Jet Grouting in Cohesive Soils

True Behavior of High Pressure Tunnel for the Guavio Hydroelectric Project

Geotechnical Lessons Learned in San Diego's South Bay Ocean Outfall

The Effects of Holes Drilled in a River Ice Cover on the Heat Transfer at the Ice/Water Interface

Owner Challenges When Selecting Directional Drilling for Pipeline Installations

Directional Drilling in Maine and New Hampshire for the PNGTS/Maritimes 762 mm Natural Gas Pipeline Project

Validation of Py Curves from Pressuremeter and Dilatometer Tests at Auburn, Alabama

Flat Dilatometer Modulus Applied to Drilled Shaft Foundations in Piedmont Residuum

Load Testing of Deep Rock-Socketed Drilled Shafts

Construction Control for Earth and Rockfill Dams
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 27 This manual provides critical guidance for constructors...

Lateral Spread Earth Pressures on Drilled Shafts

Tijuana River Crossing Using Horizontal Directional Drilling: A Case History

Ma Wan Submarine Crossing Using Horizontal Directional Drilling

Microtunneling in Downtown Honolulu

Horizontal Directionally Drilled River Crossing Meets Regional Water Needs





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