On Drilling Holes to Arrest Fatigue Crack Growth

The Application of Ground Penetrating Radar Technology as Part of Geotechnical Assessments of Proposed HDD Pipeline River Crossings

Directional Drilling for Small Projects - A Resource for Meeting Schedule, Budget and Environmental Goals

Horizontal Directional Drilling for Bypass Tunnels

Design Guidelines for Directional Drilled PE Pipe

Planning the Use of Horizontal Directional Drill to Minimize Site Impacts

Case History: Horizontal Directionally Drilled Pipeline Crossing of the Red River at Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana

Long-Term Brine Migration Through an Engineered Shaft Seal System

Calculation of Density and Permeability of Compacted Crushed Salt Within an Engineered Shaft Sealing System

Stone Column Construction by the Rotary Method

Grouting in a Karst Environment

Post-Construction Investigation of Horizontal Directional Drilling

Design Considerations for Horizontal Hydroturbine Shafting Systems

Theoretical Analysis of Air-Entrained Flow in Vertical Drop Shafts of the Channel in Urban Drainage System

Drilled Shaft Load Testing Los Angeles Coliseum

Shear Dispersion in the Benthic Boundary Layer

Borehole UE-25 ONC #1 Drilling at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Controlled Drill & Blast Excavation at AECL's Underground Research Laboratory

Models for Estimating Core-Cycle Rate of Penetration at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

To Know or Not to Know: The Site Characterization Process and Its' Role in Horizontal Directionally Drilled Pipeline River Crossings





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