Steel Water Pipe for Exposed and Buried Crossings

Investigation of Pipeline Buckle Failure in a Horizontally Directionally Drilled Installation

Utilizing Directional Drilling Techniques to Install Underwater Watermain

Disposal of Drilling Wastes in Permafrost Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Demonstrating Brine Water Wells and Toilets for Deering, Alaska

Practical Guide to Grouting of Underground Structures
This book presents a hands-on discussion of grouting fundamentals and provides a foundation for the development of practical specifications and field procedures. The author takes a practical...

Technological Advances in the Design and Construction of Water Mains for Crossing Under Rivers and Other Barriers

Field Load Testing of a Drilled-in Anchor System

Inter-Island Tunnel Design and Construction

Reliability Assessment of Underground Shaft Closure

Principal Aspects of Petrographical Examination of Rock Salts to Assess Their Suitability for Radioactive Waste Disposal

Calcite and Zeolite Fracture Coatings in Topopah Spring Tuff Along Drill Hole Wash, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Eolian-Deposited Minerals Around Drill Hole USW SD-9, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Zedex - An In-Situ Study of the Importance of the Excavation Disturbed Zone to Repository Performance

Influence of Bearing Support Structures on Shaft Vibration of Large Hydraulic Pump/Turbines

Stability of Drilled Shafts Under Earthquake Induced Axial Loads

Robotic Options for Mining of Near-Earth Objects
The mining and processing of a Near-Earth Object (NEO) should be as simple and as robust as possible - the fewer processes and parts the better. Reliability and survivability of the total...

Shaft Performance in Taylor Marl—Field Measurements vs. Numerical Modeling

Evaluation of the Pagosa Springs Geothermal Reservoir and Implications of Potential Additional Reservoir Development
The Town of Pagosa Springs is located 280 miles from Denver on the north bank of the San Juan River in southwest Colorado as shown on the Index Map, Some time before 1920 the first well...

Developing Standardized Connection Analysis Techniques for Slim Hole Core Rod Designs





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