Irrigation Companies Use & Prospective of Manual 57

Drainage Network Simulation Using Digital Elevation Models

Advances in Automated Landscape Analysis

Evaluating Stormwater Model Performance in Northern Virginia

Watershed Response from Digital Elevation Models

Water Quality as a Design Criteria in Irrigation and Drainage Water Management Systems

Subsurface Distribution of Salts and Trace Elements

Salinity Management Modeling

Analysis of Houston Drainage Criteria Using XP-SWMM

A Nonlinear Hydrograph for Volume Predictions

Hydraulic Efficiency of Highway Curb Flumes

Stormwater Pollution Abatement Technologies

A National Survey of Design and Maintenance Practices of Flood Control Systems in the United States

Using pH Adjustment to Control Iron Concentrations in the Recovered Water from Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Wells

Artificial Recharge of Ground Water II
The Second International Symposium on Artificial Recharge of Ground Water was held in Orlando, Florida from July 17-22, 1995 and sponsored by the ASCE Special Standards Division, the ASCE...

Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Relief Wells
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 3 This engineering manual provides guidance and information...

Rehabbing for Remediation
Workers for Moses Lake detected trichloroethylene (TCE) in three of the city's water wells. The concentrations were low, around 5 to 15 parts per billion, just above the maximum...

Waves Propagating on an Adverse Jet
A laboratory investigated was conducted of the propagation of waves on an adverse three-dimensional jet. The problem which was simulated was the ebb-tide flow from a tidal inlet into a...

Application and Benefits of Aquifer Recharge in Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Sangre de Cristo Water Company (SDCW) operates a water supply and treatment system that serves the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Water is supplied to the system by the City Well Field,...

The Effects of Spatial Resolution in Modeling the North Fork Drainage of the Gunnison River Basin
The U.S. Geological Survey Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System (PRMS) is a modular, distributed-parameter, watershed modeling system developed for use in evaluating the effects of climate...





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