The 1995 Floods of Rhine and Meuse - How Predictable are Water Levels in the Netherlands

Storm Drainage GIS, Modeling, and Master Planning for the City of Berkeley
The City of Berkeley has completed its Storm Sewer Master Plan. The master plan com bined the findings of field inspection worig computer-based mapping, and geographic information system...

Embankment Dams in the Piedmont/Blue Ridge Province

Economic Impact of Managing Sea Water Intrusion
Sea water intrusion into a coastal aquifer may result from continued over extraction of the aquifer. In many coastal communities, sea water intrusion has led to artificial recharge programs...

Hollyhills Drain Relief for 1920s Drainage System
The paper will discuss design and construction problems encountered for a $50,000,000 Urban Storm Drain System in the Metropolitan Los Angeles Area. The Drainage System relieves a system...

Applications of Soil Nailing in Residual Soil

Drained Creep Behavior of Marine Clays

Surfactant Enhanced Gravity Drainage (SEGD) of Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquids: A New Concept in the In-situ DNAPL Remediation

Locating Inappropriate Discharges to Storm Drains

Finding Illicit Connections & Discharges with P²IL

Session II: Locating Illicit Connections - Discussion

NPDES Monitoring - Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas Area

Session III: System Runoff Characterization - Discussion

Geosynthetic Sand Pack for Free Product Wells

Variable Head Test Analysis for Partially Penetrating Wells

Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD) for Enhanced Soil Flushing

Port of Seattle Terminal 5 Expansion and Redevelopment

Digital Mapping for General Planning and Master Drainage Planning Tampe Port Authority

Alternatives for Treating Roadway Stormwater Runoff

Holistic Stormwater Master Planning for Cape Coral, Fl.





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