Fracture Analysis with Interactive Computer Graphics

Computer Programs

Scale Effects at Intakes Due to Boundary Layer Growth
Boundary layer development in hydraulic models of intakes based on Froude criteria can be poorly scaled because it is viscosity dependent. The potential for scale effects can be estimated...

Present Status and Future Developments

The Tides Effects on the Dam Break Flood Wave
The accuracy of water level predictions downstream of the dam is dependent upon the breach evaluation, the correct estimation of the roughness coefficients and when the flood wave reaches...

The Boundary Element Method Some Early History — A Personal View

Application of BEM to Two-Dimensional EPFM
This paper describes the authors' current and continuing research in application of the Boundary Element Method (BEM) to crack growth problems in Elastoplastic Fracture Mechanics...

IJC Challenges in an Era of Uncertainty
Since its creation pursuant to the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty between the United States and Canada, the International Joint Commission (IJC) has evolved into an effective mechanism for...

Modeling of Contaminant Transport in Rivers with Emphasis on the Interaction with Movable Boundaries
The transport of dissolved and absorbed pollutants is simulated by a one-dimensional convection-diffusion model which particularly accounts for the exchange processes at the river bed...

Revising Louisiana's Inland Coastal Boundary

CZM in Boundary Bay, B.C. and Cherry Point, WA

The Opportunity—Developing a Multi-Use Project

Maritime Boundaries in the Eastern Caribbean

Coastal Area Facility Review Act—The Ebb and Flow—Legal Aspects

BEFEC-A Program for Analysis of U-Lock Structures

Coastal Ice Dynamics

On Modelling the Nonlinear Relationship Between Random Fields by Means of Higher-Order Spectra
This paper addresses the input-output relationship of nonlinear systems that may be expressed in terms of a hierarchy of linear, quadratic and higher-order transfer functions or corresponding...

Stable Channels with Loose Boundary
Recently, G. Parker suggested that the lateral transport of downstream momentum due to Reynolds stresses should be included in the momentum balance used to calculate the boundary shear...

An Approach for Modeling the Upper Chesapeake Bay
To resolve the bay geometry with a minimum number of grid points, boundary-fitted coordinates are employed. A major question is how to prescribe tidal boundary conditions at the Bay Bridge...

Gas Transfer at the Water Surface: Measurements of Gas Concentration Fluctuations
The paper describes measurements of fluctuating gas (oxygen) concentrations by means of a polarographic microscope near the air-water interface. The objective is to demonstrate the feasibility...





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