Microtunneling in Downtown Honolulu

Coldhearted Building
A 20,000-ton district cooling plant owned by the Public Service Company of Colorado was recently built to sell chilled water to customers in downtown Denver who will use it to air-condition...

ASCE and the C&O Canal (National Capital Section)

Digging for the Washington DC Metro System

Detroit Downtown People Mover: Ten Years After

Economic Analysis of a Monorail Link Between the Stratosphere Tower and Downtown Las Vegas

Design and Construction of Deltaport Container Terminal, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Design and Construction of Three Ferry Terminals on the Mid-Coast of British Columbia for the New Discovery Coast Passage Ferry Route

Downtown Goes Uptown in Stainless Steel
In an unusual urban planning endeavor, a business district in Houston upgraded infrastructure, and added stainless steel design elements to unify the area. About $11 million was raised...

Seismic Microzonation Mapping in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Lifeline Failure and Disaster Preparedness of Businesses

Risk Management at Wahleach Dam
In a first-of-its-kind application, engineers used risk analysis to make event-driven design decisions to evaluate dam safety improvements at Canada's Wahleach Dam in British...

Multiplicity (Available only in the Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
When it comes to tracking groundwater contaminant plumes, single completion monitoring wells are the standard choice, but they aren't the only one. After four years of trying...

Water Quality Retrofit of an Existing Drainage Basin Using a Sand Filter Design

Everything Old Is New Again
Chicago's elevated Green Line, which connects Chicago's south and west sides with the downtown loop, has recently gone through an overhaul, getting new tracks,...

A Nine Pipe Jacked Crossing of I-93 in Downtown Boston

Building Tension in Buffalo
The National Hockey League's Buffalo Sabres have a new home, topped with an unusual tension-braced domed roof. An ingenious combination of dome designs, the Marine Midland...

British Columbia Hydro's Commitment to the Environmental Movement: Puntledge River Hydro Intake Facility

Accuracy of Flow Measurements in the Imperial Irrigation District

Irrigation District Modernization for the Western U.S.





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