Unique Features of Automated People Mover Systems
This paper identifies the characteristics and unique features of the automated transit system presently being installed in the central business district of Detroit, Michigan. This system...

Downtown People Mover System Security: Detroit and Miami Responses
The Detroit and Miami downtown people mover (DPM) systems will be in uncontrolled environments in major urban central business districts. Both plan not to have personnel on vehicles or...

Downtown People Mover Operating and Maintenance Personnel Requirements
Two major automated Downtown People Mover (DPM) projects, Miami and Detroit, are expected to be in operation within a year. These two DPM systems are similar in many respects: automation,...

The WMATA Resident Engineer—The Team He Leads and His Responsibilities
This paper discusses the role of the Resident Engineer as a key member of any construction team. It uses the organization and functions as practiced at the Washington Metropolitan Area...

Renovation of a New Zealand City: Lessons from Refurbishment and Replacement in Wellington City Business District

You Need More Than a Plumber's Helper
Maintenance of subsurface drains may be the least understood and most neglected of all maintenance activities carried out by irrigation districts. Few irrigation districts have a maintenance...

Roller Compacted Concrete
Roller compacted concrete has emerged recently as an economical material and rapid method of construction for use in gravity dams, overflow structures and heavy duty pavements. The economics...

Safety Aspects of Detroit DPM Station Designs
The Detroit Downtown People Mover (DDPM), currently under construction in the Central Business District of downtown Detroit, offered a unique set of challenges to the architects and engineers...

Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements in British Columbia, Canada
Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) pavement is an outgrowth of the traditional cement-treated aggregate base (soil-cement) method of street and highway construction. The major use in British...

Yakima-Tieton Irrigation District Canal Repairs

A Market Pricing Approach to Fares
The Chicago Transit Authority's (CTA's) historical 'one city - one fare' policy overlooks an important principle elucidated in the current...

Bus Priority Treatments in Downtown Long Beach

Transportation in A Socio-Physical Planning Model

Economical Pipe Sizing for Irrigation Systems

A One-Dimensional Flow Model of the Potomac River

Managing Shore Development in British Columbia

Submersed Aquatic Vegetation in the Tidal Potomac

Seasonal Water Chemistry in the Tidal Potomac River

Drainage System Design and Implementation in Southwestern British Columbia

Drought Effects on Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Area





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