Leadership and Professional Development for Public Transportation
Since 1994 the Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works has collaborated with the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in...

Natural Hazards Review
The Natural Hazards Review stands on the realization that natural disaster losses result from interactions between the physical world, the constructed environment, and the character of the societies and...

ASCE Annual Combined Index 1998
The 1998 ASCE Annual Combined Index provides a guide to materials appearing in publications of ASCE published during 1998. This includes papers and technical notes from ASCE technical...

Plans for a Sensitivity Analysis of Bridge-Scour Computations

Computation of Flow Past a Cylinder Mounted on a Flat Plate

Bridge Pier Scour Equations-An Assessment

Using HEC-RAS to Compute Scour at Bridges

Using HEC-RAS to Compute Scour at Bridges

Modification of Neill's Equation for Tidal Flow Analysis

Effect of Soil-Structure Interaction on TMD Control for Wind and Seismic Response of Structures

Collapse Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures Including Shear

Measured versus Computed Stresses in a Curved Steel Bridge

Rehabilitation of a Nineteenth Century Cast and Wrought Iron Bridge

Loads and Load Combinations for Slender High-Strength Concrete Columns

Load Calculations and Comparisons with Precision Wall Test (PWT) Data

Human and Organizational Factors: Engineering and Reliability of Offshore Structures

Stability and Performance of Controlled Civil Engineering Structures Using Magnetorheological (MR) Dampers

Conflicts in Codes Applicable to the Job Site

Wind Loads and the Response to Wind

Guidelines to Conduct a Wind Damage Investigation of Manufactured Housing





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