Prediction of Debris Flow Characteristics in Mountain Torrents

A Study on the Numerical Modeling of Debris Flows

Debris Flows in Grand Canyon National Park: Peak Discharges, Flow Transformations, and Hydrographs

Acoustic Detection Sensor for Debris Flow

Surface Velocity Vector Field Measurement of Debris Flow Based on Spatio Temporal Derivative Space Method

Gradually Varied Debris Flow Along a Slope

Phreatic Line and Dynamic Impact in Laboratory Debris Flow Experiments

Using Hydroscience and Hydrotechnical Engineering to Reduce Debris Flow Hazards

Balancing Act (Available only in Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
On March 9, 1996, at the Rumpke sanitary landfill near Cincinnati, a precariously overbuilt waste slope collapsed and more than 20 acres of waste slammed into an adjacent excavation site....

Performance Monitoring for Source Stabilization

Waste Not: The Scottsdale Transfer Station (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
Scottsdale, Ariz., is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. In 1980, it had 88,000 residents; in 1997, it had 170,000. By 2020, demographers expect the population to surpass 275,000....

Final Covers for Solid Waste Landfills and Abandoned Dumps
This book presents the essential elements for the design of final covers for solid waste landfills and abandoned dumps. Chapter 1 gives an overview and presents selected aspects of regulations...

Biosolids Plants Get Phase-Lift

Slipping on Garbage

Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation
Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment
This proceedings, Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation: Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment, contains papers presented at the First International...

Carbon Bags Help Trash Burn Cleaner

New Jersey Nearshore Hypoxia During the Summer 1976

Pier Width and Local-Scour Depth
Presented here are the results of an enquiry into the effects of pier width on local scour depth. The results show that scour depth does not scale linearly with pier width unless there...

An Analysis of Characteristics of Basset Force on Particles Accelerating in Arbitrary Flow Field
In present study of solid-liquid two phase flow, the effect of Basset force on a particle moving unsteadily in a non-uniform flow is not very clear. For this reason, the properties of...

Plans for Testing and Evaluating the New Autoventing Turbines at TVA's Norris Hydro Project
As part of TVA's Hydro Modernization Program, the two 59-year old Francis turbines at Norris Dam have been upgraded with new units. In conjunction with TVA's...





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