Physicochemical Limnology of a New Reservoir

Prediction of Oxygen Uptake in Hydroelectric Draft Tube Aeration Systems

Oxygen Depleted Waters: Origin and Distribution in Lake Power, Utah-Arizona

Oxygen Transfer Standard—Basin Geometry and Mixing (Abstract)

Modeling Waste Assimilation After Channelization

Dissolved Solids from Appalachia Coal Mining

Coal Mining Effects on Western Groundwater Quality

The Impact of Irrigation on Ground Water Quality

Field Study for Landsat Water Quality Verification

Fish, Flushing, and Water Quality: Their Roles in Marina Design

Ports '80
Papers from twenty-three sessions of the speciality conference on energy ports and terminals are presented. The theme of the conference was Energy, Ports, Perspective, and considerations...

Oxygen Transfer Measurements in Respiring Systems

Symposium on Reaeration Research
Proceedings of the Hydraulics Division Specialty Conference, held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, October 28-30, 1975. Sponsored by the Hydraulics Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers....

Overview of Dissolved Oxygen in U.S. Streams

Prediction of Dissolved Gas at Hydraulic Structures

Dissolved Air Flotation: Theory and Practice

Modeling Dissolved Oxygen in the Near-Field

Pipeline Design for Hydrocarbon Gases and Liquids
This report, Pipeline Design for Hydrocarbon Gases and Liquids, deals with commonly used equations in the design of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon...





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