Simulation of Evaporation Ponds for Liquid Waste Disposal
A computer model for designing and simulation of evaporation ponds is developed. It is based on the principle of mass conservation for water, for the total dissolved solids (TDS), and...

Make-up and Blowdown of a Cooling Pond
A mathematical model was developed to simulate the operation of a recirculating cooling pond for a planned nuclear power plant in the Midwest. The objective of the pond operation is to...

Characterization of Adsorbtion Affinity of Solutions

Application of Zero Order Kinetics to Modeling Simultaneous Benthic Nitrification and Denitrification

Fish Growth and Lethality Versus Dissolved Oxygen

Dredging in a Stratified Estuary
Grays Harbor is a moderately stratified estuary on the Washington coast. During the summer of 1983, while hopper dredges worked the upper reaches of the estuary, extensive water quality...

Cavitation in Various Types of Shear Flow
Cavitation in turbulent shear flow depends on the intensity and spectral characteristics of the pressure fluctuations in a Lagrangian frame of reference as well as depending on the concentration...

Saline Water Disposal from a Coal Bed Methane Recovery Well Field
A conceptual engineering approach for low cost management of production water from coal bed methane recovery wells is presented. The approach is applicable for production water that contains...

Hannibal Hydroelectric Project Ecological Concerns
In January, 1983 the City of New Martinsville, West Virginia filed a license application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to construct and operate a 34 MW hydroelectric...

A Standard for the Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in Clean Water
This standard was developed to measure the rate of oxygen transfer from diffused gas and mechanical oxygenation devices to water. The standard is applicable to laboratory scale oxygenation...

Adsorption Equilibrium: DOC Isotherms and Preozonation

The Role of High Rate Pretreatment Processes in Modern Water Filtration Plants

Oxygen Modeling in Tailwaters of Hydro Projects

Lox Dissolved Oxygen Mitigation System for Hydro Project

Oxidative and Non Oxidative Ammonia Modeling

Climate Trends Due to Increasing Greenhouse Gases

Mechanics of Soil-Heat Interaction and Its Thermal Storage Capacity

Mathematical Modeling of Impoundment Water Quality

Predicted Limnology of a Proposed Reservoir in Southwest Colorado

A Comparison of Surface and Bottom Discharge Effects on a Small Reservoir





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