Conflict: Handling Differences in Groups and Teams
Many group leaders and members say they have a terrible problem with conflict in their groups, meetings, and discussions. Conflict is indeed a significant problem in many types of organizations,...

Resolving Beach Conflicts in California and Maine
Local communities can measure and project sea level rise (SLR), delimit populations affected by SLR, assess the positions of local stakeholders, and put in place appropriate responses....

Dealing Well With Conflicts
This chapter explores conflict and conflict resolution....

After the Permit: Resolving Conflicts Between OCS Developement and Local Land Uses and Resources

Sport vs. Commercial Allocation Disputes in California

Cooperative Research Efforts as a Tool for Bridging Information Gaps and Resolving Conflicts: The COOGER Study

Mediating Conflicts Between Fish and Oil: A Prototype for Joint Problem Solving of Space-Use and Resource Conflicts

The Use of Dispute Review Boards on Construction Projects in Asia: Present and Future

Management of Kanawha Basin Use Conflicts

Specifications and the Contracting Process: Owners Viewpoint

International Drainage Construction Conflicts

Modeling and Management of Water in the Klamath River Basin: Overcoming Politics and Conflicts

Staking Your Claim
If you buy land, you have certain legal protections ensuring that no one can take it away from you without your consent. You can put a fence around it, you can prohibit trespassers and...

Resolving Conflicts in Hydropower Operations

Federal and State Disputes Over Water Will Never be Resolved

Creative Conflict Resolution - Don Pedro Hydroelectric Project, California

The Potential for Resolution of the Bucks-for-Fish Issue

Alternative Dispute Resolution Don Pedro Hydroelectric Project, California

Use of Volga River Flow for Power Generation and Fishery Purposes. Mitigation of Conflicts of Interest

Managing Your Legal Team Through Dispute Resolution





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