Age-Specific Cancer Risk Analysis for a Population Exposed to Contaminated Drinking Water
Recent developments in the methodology for estimating cancer risk for environmental contaminants exhibit promise for improved predictability of risk analyses based on EPA risk guidelines....

Carcinogen Risk Assessment
The various approaches to assessing carcinogen risk are described and evaluated....

National Repositories for Tissue From Fish
A major barrier to providing an invaluable tool to the environmental sciences is the lack of any defined regional or national repository for tissues and data from fish and invertebrates...

Assessing the Effects of Water Contamination
The threats to potable water are examined. An assessment of human ill effects of contaminated water requires a knowledge of the quality of water throughout the world and a corresponding...

Where Does Waterborne Giardiasis Occur, and Why?

Epidemiology of Giardiases

Identifying Giardia lamblia by Immunoflorescence

Disinfection and the Control of Waterborne Giardiasis

Removal of Giardia Cysts by Filtration

Waterborne Giardiasis-Treatment Process Selection

Health Effect Concerns of Air Stripping Facilities

Progress Report of the Task Committee on Radiation in Engineering

The Incidence, Monitoring, and Treatment of Viruses in Water Supply Systems
A State-of-the Art Review
Two areas of growing concern in water treatment and public health are the potential for spread of viruses by water routes and the adequacy of current treatment and disinfection practices...

In Third World Villages, a Simple Handpump Saves Lives
Millions die each year and many more suffer in the developing countries from diseases spread by contaminated water. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of all disease in the world is due...

Labor-Contractor Dialogue Transforms Worksite Atmosphere
In a climate of three-way communication between management, contractors and labor, the project owner saved money, increased productivity, cut down on time off the job for illness and injury...

Rapid Detection of Genotoxic Chemicals in the Environment

Rapid Sand Filtration of Giardia Cysts

Organizing Engineering Volunteers for Disaster Relief
National and manmade disasters disrupt people's lives and make them dependant on others. This is particularly severe in the least developed countries often subject to their...

Environmental Aspects of Legionnaires' Disease

Effect of Bathers on the Bacterial Density of Water





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