Infectious: How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within By Achim Nowak. New York City: Allworth Press, 2013

Testing a Multi-Tiered Stress-Gradient Model for Risk Assessment Using Sediment Constituents from Coral Reef Environments
Coral reefs are threatened worldwide by stresses ranging from local to global in extent. Local stresses range from boat/ship groundings and sewage outfalls to dredging and coastal clearing....

Rain and Gray Water Reuse Systems: The Hazard of Legionaries Disease
The Legionaries Disease is being more and more diagnosed. This infectious disease occurs when humans come in contact with the aerosol of contaminated water. The body of knowledge is growing...

Groundwater Contamination by Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) and Trichloroethylene (TCE): The Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry's (ATSDR's) Approach to Evaluating Public Health Hazard

Dengue Fever: Potential Threat to the Southern States

A Framework for Sanitation and Health Risk Assessment
This paper summarizes some historical, cultural, and operational responses to risk. Zero risk and zero pollution ideas developed as arguably escapist reactions to stresses of economic,...

The Caspian Sea Transgression (Environmental Medical Aspect)
From 1978 until 1994 the level of the Caspian Sea has risen by 220 cm, in 1994 by 30 cm. The study of environmental medical situa tion in the Russian zone of the sea transgression impact...

Mechanical Stress in Pediatric Heart Disease: Computational Modeling of Associated Defects in Subaortic Stenosis

Life Cycle Cost Analysis of a Storburn Propane Combustion Toilet

Probabilistic Approach for Cancer Risk Assessment
Carcinogenic chemicals have entered ground water systems from surface spills and leaching from subsurface disposal sites. Of particular interest in this study was the contaminant tetrachioroethylene...

Water and Sanitation Intervention in Flood Mitigation Programs
Disasters, like floods and cyclones, are almost annual events in Bangladesh. Often post-disaster epidemics of diarrhoeal diseases cause more short- and long-term health problems than injuries...

Patheogen Removal Beneath An Artificial Recharge Basin

Towards Improved Understanding of Coagulation During Runoff Events

Investigations of Sources of Giardia and Cryptosporidium to Enhance Watershed Management for Wachusett Reservoir

The Effect of Zero Gravity on Bones
Zero-gravity has created many problems for astronauts and researchers in space. Calcium depletion is cited as a major health problem. There are many different theories as to why zero-gravity...

Coupled Mass-Transport and Chemical-Equilibrium Modelling of Bronze Disease

Chemical Inactivation of Cryptosporidium Parvum in Drinking Water

Does Current Cancer Risk Assessment Harm Health?

Medical Care on the Moon
Eventually, people will return to the Moon to stay for prolonged periods of time. When they do, they will be exposed to a wide range of threats to their health including, decompression...

Applications of Remote Sensing to Irrigated Agriculture
Several uses for satellite digital imagery and data from portable field radiometers have been developed for the monitoring of agricultural crops, their yields, insect and disease attacks,...





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