The Importance of Discontinuities

Finite Element Analysis of Discontinuities in Concrete

A Fundamental Study on the Discontinuities and Heterogeneities of Asphalt Concrete

Finite-Element Analysis of Flexible Pavements with Discontinuities

Discontinuities, Rock Deformation and Fluid Flow Around Emplacement Rooms
One of the major concerns for the design of the potential nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain is how to identify the fast flow paths and how to minimize the flow of the fast paths....

Distributed Failure Analysis, Fallacies and Remedies
In the past, two distinctly different approaches - smeared and discrete failure descriptions have been utilised to capture failure mechanisms in solids and structures. These two approaches...

Finite/Macroelement Meshes in Neural Rat Growth
The well known attributes of neural rat growth during 7 to 14 days postnatally are used to demonstrate the decrease in calculated growth discontinuities with macro, as opposed to finite,...

Analysis of Internal Discontinuities in Geo-Materials
A new approach for modeling localized deformations is proposed. This approach uses an interface element to model the shear band. A successful capture of the kinematics of a failure mechanism...

Development of Density Discontinuities in a Turbulent Fluid

Location of Geologic Discontinuities by Geophysical Techniques
An overview of the seismic refraction method and resistivity methods is given. These two geophysical techniques are integrated into a systematic method for locating geologic discontinuities...

A Mesh Generator for the Modeling of Rock Discontinuities
The need to characterize a rock mass by collecting field data is receiving more and more emphasis as larger, more ambitious underground structures are being built. Yet there is a need...

Application of Displacement of Discontinuity Methods in Underground Mine Design
Displacement discontinuity methods for stress analysis, pioneered by Starfield and Crouch (see, for example, Starfield and Crouch, 1972; Crouch, 1976; and Crouch and Starfield, 1983),...

Rock Masses
Modeling of Underground Openings/Probability of Slope Failure/Fracture of Intact Rock
While soil mechanics has been the dominant interest of Civil Engineers since Karl Terzaghi's recognition of the principle of effective stress, rock mechanics is becoming increasingly...

Integral Equation Methods in Fracture Mechanics

Hybrid Model for Discrete Cracks in Concrete

Finite Element Analysis of Discontinuous Channel Flow

Possible `Ductility' in a Material with Planar Discontinuities

Refraction of Gravity Waves Using Global Spline Collocation

Stress Analysis of Buried Pipelines

Displacement Discontinuity Analysis of Mining Induced Stresses





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