Learning from Disaster
After each earthquake, civil engineers learn more about what can be done to minimize the damage to infrastructure from seismic events. The recent large earthquakes that struck Izmit, Turkey,...

Hazardous Harbor Seiches, Tides, Wind and Baroclinicity

Storm Surges of the Korean West and South Coasts

Time-Dependent Reliability and Hazard Function Development for Navigation Structures in the Ohio River Mainstream System Study

Session II: Dam Safety and Risk of Extreme and Catastrophic Events

Methodologies for the Identification of Highway Safety Problem Areas and High Hazard Locations

Study on Aircraft Dangerous Longitudinal Approach

Alluvial Fan Dynamics—Hazards to Highways

An Overview of Hydrologic Disasters Prediction Models

Methodology for Using Post-Disaster Information to Improve the Accuracy of Flood Mapping

Environmental Concerns and Hydrologic Disasters

Flood Hazard Identification and Management in Storage Flood Areas

Reservoir Operation Strategy for a Mountainous Reservoir-River System During Floods

WEB Based GUI System for Data Retrieval and Analysis

Uncertainties Associated with the Preliminary Ecological Risk Assessment Process: Case Study

Natural Hazard Mitigation

Coastal Erosion: The State of the Problem and the Problem of the State

Local Governments on the Edge: Planning for their Ocean Interface

A Case Study on the Storm Surge Northeast of Taiwan

Safety Analyses and Testing of APM Systems





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