Probabilistic Approach for Cancer Risk Assessment
Carcinogenic chemicals have entered ground water systems from surface spills and leaching from subsurface disposal sites. Of particular interest in this study was the contaminant tetrachioroethylene...

Effective Management and Control of Urban Flood Disasters in West Africa
This paper begins by examining the characteristics of the impacts of flood disasters in the urban centers of West Africa. The paper then examines some significant examples of individual...

Flood Destruction and Abatement in China
About two-thirds of Chinese territory experiences flood disas ters of different types and varied degrees. The flood disasters in the east half of China are mainly caused by excessive rainfalls...

Aquifer Transmissivity Computations Based on Data from Pump-and-Treat Facilities
Contamination from petroleum hydrocarbons spilled from USTs is a concern in urban areas that depend on shallow unconfined aquifers for their water supply. Studies on the transmissivity...

Results of the Probabilistic Volcanic Hazard Analysis Project

Environmental Site Investigation Guidance Manual
This manual, Environmental Site Investigation, was prepared as a guidance on procedures for investigating and characterizing a site that may...

Use of SID Method for Site Characterization

Analysis of Exceptional Meteorological Conditions on July and August in Conakry
Conakry is a zone that receives more precipitation than other countries in West Africa. Sometimes the quantity is more than 4,000 mm per year. Strong rainfalls are observed between July...

Overview of Drought Response Strategies
An overview of drought response strategies in the United States is presented. The paper focuses on tactical strategies for mitigating the impacts of drought conditions. A general structure...

Water in the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction

Development of Worker Safety in the Environmental Field in the Past 25 Years

Application of the Hydrocarbon Spill Screening Model to Field Sites

Adhesion Kinetics of Fuel Oil #6 and Oil-in-Water Emulsions on Marine Sediments under Turbulent Mixing Conditions
Oil spilled in the marine environment is subject to a great variety of physical, chemical and biological processes, which determine its ultimate fate in the aquatic environment. Many of...

Water and Sanitation Intervention in Flood Mitigation Programs
Disasters, like floods and cyclones, are almost annual events in Bangladesh. Often post-disaster epidemics of diarrhoeal diseases cause more short- and long-term health problems than injuries...

RCRA Implications for Sediments in Stormwater BMPs

Stormwater Infiltration Effects on Groundwater

A Multi-Chambered Stormwater Treatment Train

Geosynthetic Sand Pack for Free Product Wells

Characterization and Remediation of Soils Contaminated with Copper

Two-Phase Flow and Permeability of Oil in Porous Media





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