A Three Dimensional Oil Spill Model
This paper reports the development and testing of a comprehensive three-dimensional oil spill model. At present time, the model components include advection and turbulent diffusion, vertical...

The Mamala Bay Study, Oahu, Hawaii: Introduction
A comprehensive multi-disciplinary study was conducted to evaluate the effects of point and non-point source discharges on the water quality of Mamala Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. The investigation...

Floodplain Management in Los Angeles County
Los Angeles is located in a geologically young area of the western United States. It is characterized by highly erodible, steep mountains and flat alluvial plains. Located in a semi-arid...

Time-Dependent Degradation of Structural Systems During Fire -- A Method for Failure Prediction

An Expert System Application for Robot Assisted Urban Search and Rescue

System Design for Safe Robotic Handling of Nuclear Materials

Safety Assessment of a Robotic System Handling Nuclear Material

Use of Fuzzy Logic and Similarity Measures in the Risk Management of Hazardous Waste Sites

Monitor Well Design, Installation, and Documentation at Hazardous and/or Toxic Waste Sites
This manual provides the minimum elements for consideration in the design, installation, and documentation of monitor well placement at projects known or suspected to contain chemically...

Extreme Winds as a Component of Catastrophic Risk

On Reliability Assessment of Infrastructure Systems under Strong Earthquake

Magnetic Investigation of a Simulated Hazardous Waste Site

A Geostatistically-Based Method to Assess Potential Hazardous Waste Sites Using Hard and Soft Data

Risk Assessment of Rockfall Hazard at Horse Mesa Dam: A Case History

Hazard Assessment of Debris Fans at Rico, Colorado

LNAPL Detection, Measurement, and Distribution in the Subsurface Environment

Modeling the Behavior of LNAPLs Under Hydraulic Flushing

Analysis of the Gasoline Spill at East Patchogue, New York

Ground and Airborne Magnetic and Electromagnetic Surveys at a Hazardous Waste Site

Roanoke Valley Flood Hazard Mitigation
Dewberry & Davis is under contract to the Fifth Planning District Commission (5th PDC) to prepare the Roanoke Valley Regional Stormwater Management Plan. The Plan, which will address...





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