Oil Spill Prevention on the California Coast Facts, Failures and the Future

The Calfornia State Lands Commission Marine Oil Terminal Pollution Prevention Program

Pollution Impacts to Ocean and Coastal Resources: The Complex Process of Assessment and Restoration

Impact of Oil Spills on Commercial Fisheries: Lessons of Alaska for California

Oil Spill Cleanup Technologies and Planning

In-Situ Burning Policy Development for California

A Quantitative Basis for Optimal Spill Response

An Epidemiological Study of Possible Adverse Health Effects of Swimming in Santa Monica Bay

Navy Oil Spill Contingency Planning

Reducing Duplicative Efforts in Oil Spill Contingency Planning

Sharing Resources for Effective Oil-Spill Response: Development and Testing of an Agency Oil-Spill Response Plan

Investigations and Governmental Cooperation on the Coastal and Marine Impact of Oil Spill Responsiveness to Recent Shore Based Spills in Central California

Contaminated Sediments in Ports and Waterways: Cleanup Strategies and Technologies

Organochlorines: The Silent Killer

After the Permit: Resolving Conflicts Between OCS Developement and Local Land Uses and Resources

The Santa Barbara Channel-Santa Maria Basin Circulation Study

A Case Study on the Storm Surge Northeast of Taiwan

Safety Analyses and Testing of APM Systems

New Shiploading System for Pacific Coast Terminals

Ohio River Main Stem Systems Study Lock and Dam Risk and Reliability





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