A Leadtime Driven Flood Warning Response Plan Design
(No paper) The paper examines the optimal combination of predictive and detective capabilities in the development of the Wickenburg Flood Response Plan and extrapolates those findings...

Lessons Learned in a Level-Two HAZUS Analysis for Buildings and Lifelines in the Portland, Oregon, Metropolitan Region

Rocking and Overturning of Electrical Equipment under Pulse Type Motions

Modeling Post-Disaster Urban Lifeline Restoration

Modeling of Phase Spectrum to Simulate Design Earthquake Motion

Multi-Hazard Analysis of Utility Lifeline Systems

Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment for Lifelines, Part 1: Overview and Approach

Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment for Lifelines, Part 2: Case Study for the Portland, Oregon, Water Supply System

Catastrophic Risk Financing and Multi-Hazard Study for BC Hydro

Extreme Event Loading and Cascading Failure Risk Assessment for Electric Power Lines

Learning from Disaster
After each earthquake, civil engineers learn more about what can be done to minimize the damage to infrastructure from seismic events. The recent large earthquakes that struck Izmit, Turkey,...

A Hypoelastic Model for Cyclic Response of Concrete Structures

Seismic Performance of Tuned Mass Dampers in Reducing the Response of Structures on Soft Soil Medium

Effect of Near-Fault Ground Motions on the Response of Frame Structures

Non-Linear Modelling of Shoreface–Connected Sand Ridges

Effect of Geomorphic Hazards on Bridge Reliability

Super-Dense Real-Time Disaster Mitigation System

Analysis of Wood Peg Connected Timber Frames

Investigation of Engineered Building Wind Failures

Analysis of the Catastrophic Failure of the Support Structure of a Changeable Message Sign





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