Industry Challenges EPA on Whether Certain Wastes are Hazardous or Not
Before the U.S. can clean up its hazardous wastes, it must first decide which wastes are hazardous, which not. The case histories presented here show that this decision is not always easy...

The Vehicle Operator in the Safety Equation

Hazardous Location Program

Urban Development and Flood Hazards at Shepparton

Willow Island Aftermath: The Limits of OSHA
In April 1978 a natural-draft hyperbolic concrete cooling tower under construction at Willow Island, W.Va. collapsed. Fifty-one workers, suspended on a scaffold supported mainly by a layer...

Public Works Directors�Why Do Some Stand Out�
William Hennessy, Commissioner of New York State's DOT began as a junior engineering aide, went into real estate acquisitions for the state and later entered the state's...

Assessment of Expansive Soils in the United States

Tangshan Rebuilds after Mammoth Earthquake
The City of Tangshan, China was totally devastated in 1976 by a major earthquake. Over 240,000 people were killed in one of history's greatest disasters. The quake had a Richter...

Secure Land Burial of Hazardous Wastes: A State-of-the-Art Example

Energy Recovery From Waste and Biomass?Site Specific Economic Studies

Using High Salinity Waters in the Southwest

Current Practice in Managing Coastal Flood Hazards

Legal Aspects of Coastal Natural Hazards Management

Hazard Mitigation on Barrier Island and Beaches

Local Assistance: A Problem in Translation

Energy Recovery from Wastes and Biomass

Hazardous Wastes: Legislative Problem

Nuke Hazards Outweigh Benefits?

World's First Iron Bridge
In 1779, using a new man-made material, skilled English workmen built a single-span bridge of cast iron over a steep river gorge about 140 miles northwest of London. The result was a 424-ton...

Geologic Hazards, Offshore South-Central California





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