Management of Hazardous Waste Using Regional Concepts

Containment of Heavy Metals with Natural Materials

Indirect Techniques for Investigating Hazardous Waste Burial Sites

Lake Overflow — A Hazard to Winter Travel in Northern Regions

An Earthquake Hazard Plan for Lifelines

Hazardous Waste Management in California: Lessons for the U.S.
California has what many say is the best hazardous waste management program in the U.S. In fact, the Federal government used the California program as the basis for a national plan for...

Thermal Destruction Options for Controlling Hazardous Wastes
Incineration will play an increasingly important role in the management of hazadous waste in the United States. Properly designed and operated incineration systems are capable of destroying...

Four Options for Hazardous Waste Disposal
Landfills, land treatment, mine storage, and deep well injection are four options examined as solutions to the hazardous waste disposal problem. Statistics indicate approximately 40 million...

Toxic Chemicals in Water -- An Apprasial of Regulatory Programs in the Southeast

Remote Sensing Applied to Urban Disaster Analysis

A Systematic Approach to Landfill Evaluation

RCRA Implementation and the Environmental Engineers Role

Hazard Evaluation of Mokelumne Aqueducts

Conflict Resolution in Hazardous Waste Management

Appropriate Technology in Resource Conservation & Recovery
Six contributions to proceedings of an October 1979 ASCE workshop deal with both developing and industrial countries. A review of debris accumulation in urban areas reveals archaeological,...

The Vehicle Operator in the Safety Equation

Assessment of Expansive Soils in the United States

Siting of Hazardous Waste Management Facilities

Secure Land Burial of Hazardous Wastes: A State-of-the-Art Example

Current Practice in Managing Coastal Flood Hazards





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