Slurry Trenches for Containing Hazardous Wastes
Slurry trench technology has not advanced much during the past 10 years due to a lack in research and development, the excerbated litigious climate in the environmental protection field,...

How Should We Dispose Hazardous Wastes?
Our inability to successfully dispose hazardous wastes has led to extensive land, groundwater and surface water pollution. The question is not whether we have the technology to do the...

Design of a Water and Energy Recovery System at San Diego

Hyperion Energy Recovery System Schedule Monitoring

Landfill Gas Management—A Case Study

Locational Factors Affecting Leachate Migration

A Soil-Cement Composite Liner for Hazardous Wastes

Wet Air Oxidation — An Alternative to Land Disposal

Wastewater Treatment with Cogeneration Saves Energy

Occurrence and Prediction of Earth-Fissure Hazards Caused by Ground-Water Depletion in South-Central Arizona, U.S.A.

Energy Recovery
In Albany, N.Y. the state and city cooperated in designing and building a refuse-into-steam energy plant that has several unique features. In most such facilities, the entire plant is...

Risk Analysis in Dam Safety Programs
There are about 68,000 dams in the Nation. About 95 percent of the dams are nonfederal; the balance are owned by various agencies of the federal government. Over 30 percent of the high...

Forecasting and Warning for Mt. St. Helens Streams
The eruption of Mt. St. Helens in southern Washington on May 18, 1980, created great devastation both by the blast itself and by mudflows generated by melting snow and ice. Several hydrologic...

Small Hydropower Development for Mining Industry
In deep mines, large refrigeration systems are employed to condition the working air to help control temperature and humidity. Large quantities of water are required to be brought into...

On the Applications of Catastrophe Theory in Engineering Mechanics

Overtopping of Flood Control Levees and Floodwalls
The risk of overtopping can be significant for flood control levees or floodwalls, and the consequences can be costly and potentially catastrophic. Designs using superiority can force...

Sludge Combinations Impact on Incineration

Upgrading Existing Facilities for Tornado Hazard

Prediction of Extreme Events

Land Treatment of Hazardous Waste
Land treatment is one of several available alternatives to the use of landfills and surface impoundments for the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste. Using this technique, hazardous...





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