Multiple Phenomena of Debris-Flow Processes: A Challenge for Hazard Assessments
Hazardous hydraulic processes associated with arid environments commonly repesent significant risks to the safety of the public. However, the public generally considers these risks to...

A Value Engineering/Risk Analysis Approach to Operation and Maintenance of Hydraulic Structures
Value engineering is an objective, systematic method for minimizing cost of a system. Risk analysis is a method of quantifying uncertainties or probabilities of possible economic loss,...

Next-Generation Local Scale Hydromet Forecasting System
Research and development work is being conducted for the National Weather Service on a new-generation flash flood monitoring and forecasting computer workstation. The workstation represents...

Hydrologic Aspects of Flood Warning?Preparedness Programs
A reliable flood-threat recognition system is a vital component of a sound flood warning-preparedness program. Fundamental questions associated with the development of a flood-threat recognition...

Selection of Optimal Flood Warning Threshold

Attenuating Materials in Composite Liners

GIS and Environmental Disaster Management: World Prodigy Oil Spill

Radioactive Waste Requirements May be Hazardous, Experts Say

Risk Analysis and Management of Natural and Technological Hazards: A Social/Behavioral Science Perspective

Preventative Debris Flow Mitigation

High Hopes for Cattails
As other areas of wastewater treatment go high tech, man-made wetlands are treating wastewater from small towns and coal mines. Plants are grown in about 1 ft of water. Suspended solids...

Risk Analysis and Management of Natural and Man-Made Hazards
The third Engineering Foundation Conference on Risk-Based Decisionmaking titled Risk Analysis and Management of Natural and Man-Made Hazards was held in Santa Barbara, California on November...

Emergency Response to Coastal Disasters: the January 17-18, 1988 Southern California Storm Experience

Managing Coastal Resource and Development Demands: The Lee County, Florida, Plan

The Construction of Homes on Four Active Coastal Landslides in Newport, Oregon: Unbelievable but True!

Developing Policies to Improve the Effectiveness of Coastal Flood Plain Management

Safety Against Inundation

Coastal Hazard Area Management in New York State

Coast Erosion and Community Perceptions at Nye Beach, Oregon

Assessment of Global Coastal Hazards from Sea Level Rise





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