Betting on the Baseline (Available in Geoenvironmental Special Issue only)
In construction contracts, new deductive differing site conditions (DSC) clauses provide for credits to owners when contractors encounter better-than-anticipated subsurface conditions....

Behavior of Merging Plumes from Ocean Outfalls

Dilution Achieved by Diffusers Parallel to Current Using EPA UM Model

Numerical Model of Dilution in a Dense Bottom Jet in Cross Currents

Tracing Discharges in Ocean Environments Using a Rare Earth Tracer

Comparison of Near-Field Dilutions Derived from In Situ Measurements and Simulated Dilutions at the Sand Island Sewage Outfall Plume, HI
Near-field dilutions of the Sand Island Treatment Plant (SITP) wastewater plume were derived from salinity measurements made at the sewage outfall between Sept. 25–Oct. 1, 1994, a period...

Simulation of Dilute Gas-Solid Flows in Horizontal Channels

Dilution of Dense Bottom Plumes

The Effect of the Interfacial Transition Zone on Concrete Properties: The Dilute Limit

Determination of Acute Dilution Factors Based on a 1-Hour Exposure of a Drifting Aquatic Organism

Influencing Ground Water by Dilution

Artificial Ground-Water Recharge in Las Vegas Valley, Clark County, Nevada: Storing Today, Treating Tomorrow?

Modeling Initial Mixing of Ocean Wastewater Discharges to Develop Toxic Effluent Limitations
The UM model, released by USEPA in 1992, was utilized to simulate the initial mixing of a discharge to the Atlantic Ocean near Ocean City, New Jersey. The study included field verification...

Near Field Behavior of a Far Field Circulation Model
Output from the 3-D far field circulation model ECOMsi was compared with output from EPA initial mixing models in two simulations of coastal sewage outfalls - an idealization with steady...

Reservoir Management and Thermal Power Generation
Thermoelectric power stations on regulated rivers may cause violations in stream temperature standards if the dilution water from the upstream reservoir is not adequate. However, it is...

Development of a Selenium TMDL for the San Joaquin River
The objective of this study is to devise a user-friendly, reliable method to calculate a screening-level 'Total Maximum Daily Load' (TMDL) for the San Joaquin River and similar western...

Orange County Florida Landfill Dilute Leachate Wetland Treatment and Restoration System
The Orange County Landfill began operation in 1971 as an EPA demonstration project for the purpose of defining landfill operations in high groundwater table areas. To prevent groundwater...

A Comparison of Glass Reaction at High and Low SA/V: PCT Vs. MCC-1

Products of Chloramination in Dilute Aqueous Solution
Chloride and nitrate formation was determined in the reaction of chlorine with ammonia in molar excess, in dilute aqueous solution. Nitrate was formed under all conditions investigated....

Autoxidation of Dilute Aqueous Solutions of Trichloroethylene (TCE)





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