Antique Copper Roof Gets Complete Renovation

Metal Deck Collapseā€”Professional Liability During Construction

Design of Blast Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities
This report provides general guidelines in the structural design of blast resistant petrochemical facilities. Informational coverage is provided for OSHA requirements, design objectives,...

Guidelines for Seismic Evaluation and Design of Petrochemical Facilities
These guidelines are intended to provide practical recommendations on several areas which affect the safety of a petrochemical facility during and following an earthquake. In the area...

A Model for Predicting Mass Removal During Air Sparging

In-Situ Groundwater Remediation Using NoVOCs In-Well Stripping: Modeling, Design and Performance Data

Soil Vapor Extraction System Design Scale-Up Considerations

Additive Effectiveness in Minerally-Enhanced Slurry Walls

Performance of In Situ Chemical Oxidation Field Demonstrations at DOE Sites

Reclaiming Detroit's Riverfront: A Cost-Effective In-Situ Solution for Returning a Lead Contaminated Site to Public Use

Effect of Solubility on Enhanced Electrokinetic Extraction of Metals

Stone Exposure Test Wall at NIST

Construction of Distributed Gas and Chemical Systems for Semiconductor Cleanrooms

Los Angeles Metro-TBM Starter Tunnels-Mixed Face Conditions
Twin TBM starter tunnerls with mixed face conditions were successfully mined by roadheader with steel rib and shotcrete initial support beneath the Hollywood Freeway. Tunneling and total...

QA/QC's Role in Dredging and Disposal

QA for Effective Fine Pore Aeration Diffusers in Wastewater Treatment Systems

Degradation of Natural Building Stone
This proceedings, Degradation of Natural Building Stone represents an effort to collate the various disciplines working in the area of building...

The Right Tooele for the Job
Parker describes how the nation's largest chemical munitions destruction facility was designed and how it will operate. The U.S. Signed on to the Chemical Weapons Convention...

World's Largest Copper Mine Receives New Pipeline

Chemical Grouting
Technical Engineering and Design Guide, as adapted from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 24. This manual provides information and guidance for the...





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