Myocardial Wall Stress: A Clinician's View
Definition of left ventricular (LV) wall stress is a parameter which has a valid application in clinical medicine. This paper discusses this application as it pertains to various cardiac...

Earth Pressure Acting on Buried Flexible Pipes in Centrifuged Models
Distributions of both normal and tangential earth pressures acting on three flexible model pipes having different wall thicknesses were successfully measured in centrifuge model tests....

Alternative Wall and Reinforced Fill Experiences on Forest Roads

Large Centrifuge Modeling of Full Scale Reinforced Soil Walls

External Stability of a Reinforced Earth Wall Constructed Over Soft Clay

Finite Element Modeling of Reinforced Soil Walls and Embankments

Failure of Blue Heron Road Embankment Supported by Reinforced Earth Wall

Construction Induced Movements of Insitu Walls

Diaphragm Walls-Update on Design and Performance

Design, Construction and Performance of a Soil Nailed Wall in Seattle, Washington

Stability Analyses for Soil Nailed Walls

Pacific First Center Performance of the Tieback Shoring Wall

Temporary Tieback Wall, Bonneville Navigation Lock

Seismic Performance of Tied-Back Walls

Dynamic Earth Pressure with Various Gravity Wall Movements

Access Tube Characteristics and Neutron Meter Calibration
Neutron meter calibration was found to be influenced by material type, thickness and size of access tube. Meter counts were decreased by an average of 15% for a 20% increase in tube diameter...

Channel-changing Processes on the Santa Cruz River, Pima County, Arizona, 1936-86
Lateral channel change on the mainly ephemeral Santa Cruz River, Pima County, Arizona, causes damage and has spawned costly efforts to control bank erosion. Aerial photographs, historical...

Dispersion in a Stratified Flow Adjacent to a Wall

Design and Performance of Earth Retaining Structures
The proceedings of the 1990 Specialty Conference on Design and Performance of Earth Retaining Structures was held in Ithaca, New York from June 18-21, 1990. It presents a total of 50 papers...

Performance of Large Gravity Walls at Eisenhower and Snell Locks





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