Translucent Structural Beacon
In East Los Angeles some 2,000 children, teens and adults are accessing their future inside a building that is as high-tech as the computers they are using to learn. The 40,000 sq ft building...

Slowly-varying Components of Hydrodynamic Field at the Wall of Breakwater of Gdańsk North Port

Seismic Base Isolation Study for a Kentucky Building

The Kobe Earthquake: Performance of Engineered Buildings

Testing of Prestressed Clay-Brick Walls

Response of Building Systems with Rocking Piers and Flexible Diaphragms

McAlpine Intake Model Study for Innovative Lock Design
The McAlpine Locks and Dam Project is located on the Ohio River near Louisville Kentucky. Construction of an additional 33.53-m-wide (110 ft) by 365.76-m-long (1200 ft) navigation lock...

Vibration Control of Structures Utilizing Architectural Walls

Oblique Wave Interaction with Vertical Wall Structures

On the Relationship between Net-Momentum Fluxes and Wall-Normal Velocity Fluctuations

Structural Consequences of Imperfection in Thin-Walled Components

Reliability Assessment Methodology for Sliding Stability of Gravity Structures

New Address for the 21st Century
The purchase of the office building in Reston, Virginia, that will be the society's new headquarters is described. The decision to buy property was made in April 1993, candidate...

Seismic Pressures Against Rigid Walls

Blast Wall Bravura
Since the 1988 disaster on the Piper Alpha platform in the North Sea, which claimed 165 lives, legislation in the United Kingdom has required the operators of offshore installations to...

Active Vibration Control of Double Wall Composite Shells to Random Inputs

A Multimedia Expert System for Slurry Wall Construction

'Super-Element' to Represent the Behavior of Architectural Stud Partition Walls

Seismic Resistance of Partially-Grouted Masonry Shear Walls

A Morphology Model to Predict Erosion Near a Seawall





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