The Fourth Alternative‚ÄĒBeach Stabilization by Beachface Dewatering

Cement Stabilization of Dewatered Mine Tailings and Its Effect on Vehicle Mobility

Belt Filter Press Dewatering of Alum Sludge

A Consolidation Model for Sludge Dewatering

Sludge Drying, Energy and Profit: Products of Cogeneration

Mixing and Polymer Performance in Sludge Dewatering
A biofilm reactor, termed the support-aerated biofilm (SAB), was developed in which oxygen was supplied to the interior of the biofilm through a permeable membrane. The reactor was tested...

Heat Treatment and Low Pressure Oxidation Systems
A study was performed to identify problems and to document solutions in the design, operation, and maintenance of heat treatment and low pressure oxidation systems for conditioning sludge...

Operations, Maintenance & Cost Comparisons of Three Dewatering Devices
The Metropolitan Waste Control Commission's Wastewater Treatment Plant in Minneapolis/St. Paul has demonstrated that two new innovative sludge dewatering pocesses, namely,...

Lime Sludge Lagoon Dewatering Using a Mobile Belt Filter Press
A major company was faced with the removal of 2100 cubic yards of lime sludge stored in three lagoons. Because the sludge contained relatively high concentrations of tin and nickel, it...

Optimization of Variable Volume Diaphragm Filter Presses
The St. Paul, MN, Metropolitan Waste Control Commission Wastewater Treatment Plant has installed and operated eight variable volume diaphragm filter presses for four years. During this...

Design and Operation of Belt Filter Presses
This report summarizes the findings of a study performed to identify and concisely document improved design and operation procedures for belt filter presses for municipal sludge that have...

Unique Installation Methods for Large Interceptor in Poor Soil Conditions
The construction of approximately 1. 5 miles of a major sewer interceptor in downtown Boston encountered some unique construction challenges. The entire route required dewatering during...

Dewatering--Avoiding Its Unwanted Side Effects
The undesirable side effects that sometimes occur when dewatering for construction or mining are presented, including: ground settlement due to dewatering; deterioration of timber piling;...

New Technologies in Sludge Dewatering

Specific Resistance Measurements

Comparison of Current Pressure Filter Sludge Dewatering Technologies

Feasibility Study of Use of Dredged Material as Sanitary Landfill Cover in the New York/New Jersey Harbor Area
The feasibility of use of dewatered dredged material as cover material at landfills in the New York/New Jersey Harbor area has been investigated by the New York District, U. S. Army Corps...

Effect of Feed Characteristics on Filter Press Performance

Sludge Conditioning and Particle Size Distribution

Dewatering in Coralline and Alluvial Sediments





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