Flocculation Techniques Used for Dredging Operations

The Mechanics of Cracking in Embankment Dams

Dewatering and Crust Management of Confined Disposal Areas in Galveston Bay, Texas

Considerations for Dewatering Hydro Units and Gates

Evaluation of Dewatering and Treatment System at the Chisman Creek Superfund Site

Celanese Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

The Assessment of Armourstone for Shoreline Protection
To protect shorelines from erosion, Ontario Hydro is using armourstone at various Generating Stations along the perimeter of the Great Lakes. Armourstone is carefully evaluated prior to...

Sludge Dewatering in Freezing Beds
This paper summarizes the results of laboratory and pilot scale studies on the development of the sludge freezing bed. Laboratory studies indicated that a freezing bed could dewater up...

Pumping In and Pumping Out: Case Histories of Fluidized Sand Bypassing for Channels and Beachface Dewatering for Beaches
New technologies can change management of sand in coastal areas. Fluidization, pumping in additional water beyond the quicksand point, makes a 50:50 sand-water slurry that will flow down...

Evaluation of Sludge Screening and Screenings Dewatering Technologies
The concept of digested sludge screening has been utilized at the City of Los Angeles' Hyperion Treatment Plant to remove extraneous objects, hair, and fibrous material in...

A Case Study in Sludge Handling
When the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority (WVSA) converted its operation to a secondary treatment plant in 1988, something important was missing. That something was a method to handle...

Dewatering Using a Floating Bulkhead Proves Flexible, Reusable and Cost Effective
Going beyond a traditional bulkhead dropped in place with a barge crane or crane hoist, a steel floating bulkhead was conceived to dewater powerplant intakes, gated spillway bays or outlet...

Preliminary Report on the Operation and Maintenance of Centrifuges for Dewatering Municipal Sludges

Determination of Sludge Properties for Modeling Compressible Cake Filtration from Specific Resistance Tests

Two-Dimensional Modeling of Dewatering in a Belt Filter Press

Fractal Dimension of Cracks Found in Drying Sludge

The Evolution of Sludge Thickening Practice
An analysis of contemporary thickening practice is presented with a brief review of the genesis of each type of thickening. A summary of thickening capital and operating costs for three...

Dewatering Municipal Sewage Sludges—Selecting a Process
A sequential review is made of key considerations in selecting an optimum dewatering process, including its simplicity of operation and performance capabilities. Selection criteria further...

Design and Performance of Hydrostatic Relief System

Comparison of Centrifuge Performance on Oxygen Activated Sludge
This paper compares the performance of centrifuges processing high purity oxygen activated sludge with units processing conventional activated sludge. Comparisons are made both for thickening...





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