Design and Planning of Urban Underground Construction Using Pipe Bursting Techniques

Developing Process-Response Models for Spits

Metal Building Systems: A New Look
The use of metal building systems in low-rise, non-residential construction under 150,000 square feet has grown from less than 50 percent in 1986 to almost 70 percent today. Such systems...

Resolution Solutions
Disputes over such issues as change orders, extra work, delays, or defective work are an inescapable part of the construction process. By designing an effective dispute management program...

Power Struggle
The Florida Light and Power Company could have replaced its deteriorating, H-shaped wooden power poles in the Tomoka River with exact duplicates, but they chose to use hybrid steel-and-concrete...

Management of Hydrographic Basins: Considerations in Application of the Network Method

A Decision Support System for Assisting Operation of Artificial Recharge Systems
A series of simulation and optimization models analyzing artificial recharge systems have been linked within a decision support system (DSS) with a graphical interface. The model includes...

Catch the Wind
Wind turbines can now produce energy that is cost-competitive with other, more conventional power generation methods. The increased efficiency is due in part to the turbines'...

Seismic Evaluation of Major River-Crossing Bridges in Mid-America

Bayes Decision Procedure Model for Post-Earthquake Emergency Response

Earthquake Damage Survey Methods Based on Airborne High-Definition Television (HDTV), Photography and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

Finite Element Analysis of a Wheel Rolling in Snow

Modeling River Ice Using Discrete Particle Simulation

Development of Design and Construction Techniques for Deep Foundations of Large Bridges: The Russian Experience

Analysis of Ice Forces on Small Conical Structures

Various Methods of Pipeline Installation—Home Avenue Trunk Sewer

Use of Subsurface Utility Engineering Techniques to Assess Existing Buried Pipeline Condition

Characterization of Saprolite Heterogeneities Using Innovative Techniques

The Status of Technology in Engineering Pedagogy

Teaching Fluid Mechanics from an Interactive Book





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