Brackish Groundwater Desalination & Brine Utilization

The Environmental Issues of Seawater Desalination in California: An Overview of the 1990s

Water Resources Planning at El Paso Water Utilities

Ocean Wave-Powered Desalination

Advanced Seawater Desalination Plant
A project that will demonstrate an enhanced seawater desalination process that operates in combination with upgraded existing coastal power plants to meet part of the projected water needs...

Studies on Herbal Desalination
India has a rich background traditional technologies. Varahamihira, an omni talented scientist of A.D 505–587 in his treatise entitled Brihatsamhita, suggested the use of five herbs for...

Advances in Pipelines for Desalinated Water in Saudi Arabia

Brackish Groundwater and Urban Runoff: Source of Supply or Source of Problems?
The Sweetwater Authority hopes to be less dependent on imported supplies in water-short years, and has a goal of developing several alternative sources, including local runoff, brackish...

Is There a Future for Desalting in Meeting California's Water Needs?
This paper addresses the potential role of desalting reclaimed, brackish, and sea waters for use in meeting California's water needs. Brief descriptions of sources and costs are included....

Two Options for Disposal of Desalination Reject Water
A major problem associated with the use of desalination plants for the production of fresh water is the disposal of the reject water. This water is typically double the salinity of the...

Brackish Groundwater Desalting in Southern California: A Summary of Case Studies

The Desalination Situation
Rapid growth is putting increasing pressure on water supplies in coastal communities. Conservation can only do so much, and providing new freshwater supplies is getting more expensive...

Drinking Water Treatment by Nanofiltration

Conceptual Design Analysis for Hybrid-Cycle OTEC Plants for Co-Production of Electric Power and Desalinated Water
Hybrid-cycle OTEC power plants are shown to be potentially the most flexible and cost effective in obtaining any specific mix of electrical power and desalinated water. This paper describes...

A Strategy for Caribbean Water Supply Planning

Desalination of an Impounded Estuary
The Sungei Seletar, an arm of a saline tidal estuary surrounding the Island Republic of Singapore, has been dammed for conversion to a freshwater reservoir. Calculations for predicting...

The Wellton-Mohawk Desalting Plant: A Case Study

Seawater Treatment for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Treatment of Agricultural Drainage Water for Reuse

Water Source Investigation for Newport News, Va.





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