Cracking the Nuclear Code: Finding an Alternative to the Nuclear Density Gauge
Two of the most basic quality control tests made in the field during soil construction are the soil’s moisture content and density. The establishment of a uniform procedure to compare the performance of...

Multi-Phase Plumes in Uniform, Stratified, and Flowing Environments

Finite Element Analysis of Stratified Lake Hydrodynamics

Monotonicity Preserving Model for Free-Surface Flow with Sharp Density Fronts

Three-Dimensional Modeling of Temperature Stratification and Density-Driven Circulation in Lake Billy Chinook, Oregon

Innovative Asphalt Pavement Density Sensor

Field Data Collection and Modeling for Verification of an Ecosystem Model in Osaka Bay, Japan

Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Thermal Stratification in Cooling Ponds

Lake Water Quality Management Based on Seasonal Thermal Stratifications in Lake Moomaw, VA

Measurement of Stay-Cable Vibration

Flow Patterns of Vertical Plumes Collidng with Density Stratified Layer

Observations of Turbulent Mixing and Shear in a Partially Stratified Estuary

Stratification and Turbulence over a Tidal Cycle in Northern San Francisco Bay

Application of Geostatistical Analysis in the Design of a Ground Water Level Monitoring Network for Pingtung Plain, Taiwan: I. Network Density

Control Volume Finite Element Solution of Multispecies Contaminant Plumes in Variable Density Flow Systems

Turbulence and Stability at Interfaces in Stratified Reservoir for Power Generation

Contaminated Density Currents in a Stratified Reservoir

Density and Conditioning Characteristics of Motorway Vehicular Traffic Flow

Modeling the Periodic Stratification and Gravitational Circulation in San Francisco Bay, California

Sediment Transport in a Thermally Stratified Bay





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