2D Velocity Distributions in Nearshore Currents

A Quantitative Skill Assessment of Numerical Hydrodynamic Models of Coastal Currents

Simulations of the Maine Coastal Current

Hindcast Simulations of Ocean Currents in the Norwegian Coastal Waters. Part 1: Model Set Up and Sensitivity Tests

Hindcast Simulations of Ocean Currents in Norwegian Coastal Waters; Part 2: Summary of the Main Results

An Update on Surface Renewal Estimation of Evapotranspiration
The surface renewal (SR) method for estimating sensible heat flux density (H) has been shown to give good estimates of evapotranspiratiou (ET) when used in an energy balance equation with...

Modeling Unsteady Open-Channel Flows Having Longitudinally Varied Fluid Density
Unsteady flows in waterways with fluid density varying longitudinally can be described by various sets of partial differential equations, according to conditions of density variation....

Impacts due to Density Current Deposition in Reservoirs
Different flow pafterns of density currents in reservoirs are discussed. In delta region, lateral density currents from non-stratified flow in the main channel occurs resulting in floodplain...

Near Field Modeling
Results of near field modeling of the wastefield formed by the Sand Island, Honolulu, ocean sewage outfall are presented. Over 20,000 simulations were run with the mathematical model RSB...

Laboratory Experiments on Density Current Over a Sloping Bottom in Rotating Fluid

System and Input Identification with Partially Correlated Load Processes

Numerical Simulation of Flow Field Around Buildings

Response Spectral Densities of Stochastically Excited Nonlinear Systems

A Simulation Procedure for First Passage Problems of Nonlinear Structures

Visualization of Mixing at Density Current Front With Laser-Induced Fluorescence

Fatigue Damage Accumulation Under Stochastic Stress Histories
An extensive simulation study was performed to generate random Gaussian stress time histories from power spectral densities (psd's). The psd's of time histories were selected to represent...

Development of the Tampa Bay Tidal Current Atlas
The NOAA National Ocean Service (NOS) is developing a tidal current and water level forecast atlas for navigation in Tampa Bay, Florida, using the Princeton three-dimensional numerical...

Experimental Study of Monochromatic Wave-Ebb Current Interaction
Laboratory experiments were conducted in a 26-m by 36-m basin with a 1:30 plan beach to study the interaction of monochromatic waves and an ebb current in and near shallow entrance channel....

An Interactive Computer Code for Generations of Artificial Earthquake Records
A new interactive computer code is presented in this work for the calculation of artificial earthquake records that comply with any arbitrarily specified target response spectra or power...

Estimating Sediment Relative Density Using an Impact Core Sampler and Wave Equation-based Pile Analysis
This paper presents a case history in which soil sample drive resistance was modeled with a wave equation-based pile analysis computer program to estimate in situ sediment relative densities...





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