Soil Density Variations, Washington Power Supply Systems, WPN-1 & WPN-4

An Iterative Method for the Generation of Seismic Power Spectral Density Functions

Higher Order Equivalent Linearization in Random Vibration

Surface Inflow of Light Water Into an Ambient Fluid: A Comparison between Laboratory Experiments and Theoretical Results

Rise of Buoyant Jets in Density-Stratified Environments: A Laboratory Study

Tidal Circulation in Coastal Seas

The Importance of Tidal Freshwater Wetlands in Coastal Zone Management

Modification of the Chezy Roughness Coefficient by Density Stratification

Effects of Ambient Current and Density Stratification on Buoyant Jets

Simulation of Three Component Spectra Compatible Time Histories

Generation of Floor Response Spectra for Mixed-Oxide Fuel Fabrication Plants

Data Acquisition Methods for Coastal Currents

Seismic Design Spectra for Nuclear Power Plants

Inflow Density Currents In TVA Reservoirs

Interactions Between Circulation And Density Stratification

Experimental Research Of Bed Density Flows Under Natural Conditions And Their Modeling In Laboratory

Investigation Of The Forms Of Interface By The Density Current Of Salt And Fresh Water In A Rectangular Channel

The Spectral Density for Ocean Wave Forces

Discussion of "Reduction in Soil Strength with Increase in Density"

Minnesota International Hydraulic Convention
Proceedings of the 1953 Minnesota International Hydraulics Convention, held at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 1-4, 1953. Sponsored by the International...





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