Multiple Owned Coasts: Development & Access
A fifteen mile stretch of coast near the Virginia-North Carolina border is currently undergoing a dilemma associated with development and public access. This region offers an excellent...

Determining the In-Place Density of Soils Using the Sleeve Method
The sleeve method of determining the in-place density was developed by Bureau of Reclamation field personnel for cohesionless, fine, gravel soils used for pipe bedding when other methods...

3-D Orthogonal Curvilinear Circulation Modelling
A three-dimensional circulation model has been developed using an orthogonal curvilinear coordinate system. The model as constructed is capable of simulations on a variety of time and...

Generation of Steady Density Currents Through Boundary Layer Control
The paper reports on a study to explore the conditions that trigger bifurcation of ambient flow/intrusion interaction into one of two drastically different regimes, i. e. current versus...

Stochastic Simulation of Earthquake Motions

Stochastic Approach to Earthquake Simulation

Microcracking of Concrete Submitted to Premature Freezing

Design of Toe Protection for Coastal Structures

Simulating Advective Transport in Reservoirs

Mixing in the Epilimnion of the Dead Sea

Trends in Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Wetlands

NOAA/NOS Methods of Tidal Current Predictions

Consistency: Current Issues

An Analytical Expression for the Calculation of Longshore Currents on Beaches with Curved Bed Profiles

Damping Increase in Building with Tuned-Mass Damper

Parametric Spectral Analysis

Sediment Transport

Uplift of Drilled Rigid Piers in Loose Sand

Estimated Directional Spectra in Wave Power Research

Simulation in Examination of Directional Resolution





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