A Comparison of Numerical and Laboratory Experiments on Density-Stratified Flows Around a Three-Dimensional Hill

Effects of Coastline Perturbations on Coastal Currents and Fronts

Numerical Simulation of a Turbidity Maximum Under Stratified Conditions

Pseudospectral Simulation of the Collapse of Mixed Region in a Density-Stratified Fluid

Density Currents from a Radial Source in Stratified Flowing Environments

Dense Inflows Into Narrow Reservoirs

Entrainment of Two-Layer Thermal Density Flow in a Shallow Channel

Merging Buoyant Jets in a Stratified Crossflow

The Effect of a Strong Wind Over a Buoyant Spreading Flow

Numerical Simulation of Flow Generated by Local Density Perturbation in Stratified Medium

Overview of International Ocean Energy Activities
An overview is presented of international research and development activities in four energy conversion areas: ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC); wave energy conversion; tidal energy...

Experimental Investigation of Density-Driven Hyperconcentrated Flows
Lock-exchange type of laboratory experiments have been conducted in order to evaluate the dynamical characteristics of density-driven hyperconcentrated fluid mud. Fluid mud, confined in...

Numerical Modelling of the Influence of a Hood on Axisymmetric Withdrawal from a Density Stratified Environment

Predicting Alluvial-Fan Sediment-Water Slurry Characteristics and Behavior from Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of Past Deposits
Slurry characteristics can be predicted by a combination of field and laboratory analyses. Field observations are needed to determine deposit stratigraphy and to estimate the abundance...

On the Realizability of Long's Model Solutions for Nonlinear Stratified Flow Over an Obstacle

Variability of Parameters of Earthquake Ground Motion Recorded by Strong Motion Arrays
The spatial variation of scalar measures of earthquake ground motion, such as peak ground acceleration, strong motion duration, and root-mean-square amplitude, along with various spectral...

Continuous Simulation of Gaussian Processes with Given Spectrum
A new algorithm, to be called MIMA (modulated interpolated moving average) allows stationary Gaussian processes with given spectral density to be simulated in continuous time, while providing...

Kernel Method in Importance Sampling Density Estimation
The use of the kernel method to estimate the optimal importance sampling density is introduced. This method requires samples generated from an initial direct Monte Carlo run to construct...

Effect of High Frequency Response on Fatigue of Offshore Structures
Welded steel specimens have been tested under several loading spectra to determine the effect on fatigue life of high frequency components in the psd of the stress or strain in the joint....

Development of the Hydrodata CD-ROM Data Storage System
To store and retrieve data from two of the USGS WATSTORE databases - the daily and peak values files - and the Summary of the Day file from the National Climatic Data Center, the authors...





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