Monotonicity Preserving Model for Free-Surface Flow with Sharp Density Fronts

Three-Dimensional Modeling of Temperature Stratification and Density-Driven Circulation in Lake Billy Chinook, Oregon

Three-Dimensional Curvilinear Modelling of Wind-Induced Flows Through the North Channel of the Irish Sea

Measuring Key Physical Processes in a California Lagoon
A focused data collection program was completed in support of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers feasibility study of restoration alternatives for protecting and managing the habitat in Bolinas...

Innovative Asphalt Pavement Density Sensor

Recession of Coastal Soft Cliffs Due to Waves and Current: Experiments

Simultaneous Observations on Irregular Waves, Currents, Suspended Sediment Concentration and Beach Profile Changes in Large Wave Flume

Modeling Realistic Events of the Maine Coastal Current

Hydrodynamical Modelling of Nontidal Coastal Areas Assessing the Morphological Behaviour

Field Data Collection and Modeling for Verification of an Ecosystem Model in Osaka Bay, Japan

Measurement of Stay-Cable Vibration

Flow Patterns of Vertical Plumes Collidng with Density Stratified Layer

A Model for Surface Plume Dispersion in an Ocean Current

Contaminated Density Currents in a Stratified Reservoir

Application of Geostatistical Analysis in the Design of a Ground Water Level Monitoring Network for Pingtung Plain, Taiwan: I. Network Density

Sinking of a CO2-Enriched Ocean Gravity Current

2D Velocity Distributions in Nearshore Currents

A Quantitative Skill Assessment of Numerical Hydrodynamic Models of Coastal Currents

Hindcast Simulations of Ocean Currents in the Norwegian Coastal Waters. Part 1: Model Set Up and Sensitivity Tests

Hindcast Simulations of Ocean Currents in Norwegian Coastal Waters; Part 2: Summary of the Main Results





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