Structural Rehabilitation of Operating Industrial Facilities: An Introduction

Demolition of a Pulp Mill in an Operating Paper Facility

Behavior of Construction and Demolition Debris in Base and Subbase Applications
The design performance of a pavement system is evaluated based on the predicted number of load repetitions it will be subjected to throughout its service life. Mechanistic pavement design...

Hubbart Dam Outlet Works Rehabilitation

Airfield Pavement Reconstruction at DFW International Airport

Development of a CO2-Solidification Method for Recycling Concrete Wastes

Prelude to a Demolition
Building demolition conjures up images of explosives detonating or a wrecking ball haphazardly slamming into the side of a structure until it's reduced to a pile of rubble....

Solar One Demolition and Remediation

Making Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Profitable: The Roles of Public Policy and Innovative Project Management

Blast Demolition of Reinforced Concrete Industrial Chimneys
On some of recently demolished chimneys, transient measurements were taken, in the vicinity of the tilting hinge, during the process of falling down. Thus, corresponding dynamic computational...

The Demolition of Mussers Dam

Modular-Prestressed Shoring System for Demolition
Two case histories are used to present the development and performance of a modular prestressed vertical shoring system to control deflections of existing structures during the demolition...

Rock Excavation with Boom Mounted Hydraulic Impact Hammers
A hydraulic demolition hammer mounted on a common backhoe or excavator carrier has gained world wide acceptance in the construction industry as a viable alternative to blasting. This paper...

Fracturing of Rock Using Expansive Soundless Chemical Demolition Agents
The theoretical principles of the action of expansive soundless chemical demolition agents are presented. The procedure for using these demolition agents are briefly outlined. Differences...

Case History: Incorporating Old Pier in New Facility

Specifying against Construction Noise: Westway, NYC





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