Alternative Upland Disposal Techniques for Dredged Material in Urban Areas
The project involves the dredging and disposal of 750,000 cubic yards of soft organic silts from a 32 mile long manmade Canal that tranverses through Central New Jersey and is known as...

Shoaling Problems and Improvements Sunny Point, North Carolina
The Military Ocean Terminal, Sunny Point (MOTSU), is located on the Cape Fear River, approximately 18 miles downriver from Wilmington, North Carolina. The facility has experienced significant...

Delaware Reclamation Project Features Codisposal and Energy Recovery

Reservoir Management in the Delaware River Basin

Some Experiences with Irrigating Corn in Delaware

Reservoir Systems Analysis for the Delaware River

Preparing for Oil Spills in the Delaware River Estuary

Coastal Storm Tide Frequency, Virginia to Delaware

Geology of Delaware Barriers: Evironmental Planning

Delaware Ground Water Use Policy: Some Problems and Conflicts

Shipping Cost Savings Via The Chesapeake and Delaware Canal

Shared-Ride Programs in the Delaware Valley Region

Tocks Island Project Sillway Rock Mechanics Studies

Ground Water in the Delaware River Valley

Discussion of "New York's Extension of Its Sources to the Delaware"

Discussion of "New York's Extension of Its Sources to the Delaware"

Development of the Delaware River for Commerce

New York's Extension of Its Sources to the Delaware

Use of Delaware River Water Through the Delaware and Raritan Canal

Discussion of "General Design of the East Delaware Water Supply Tunnel"





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