Identification of a Class of Nonlinear Dynamic System

Near Fault Ground Motion Effects on Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDOF) Inelastic Response

Advances in System Identification Using Output Measurements

Dynamics of Multi-DOF Stochastic Nonlinear Systems

Comparative Assessment of Prediction Strategies for Adaptive Control

System and Input Identification with Partially Correlated Load Processes

Managing Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Systems in Structural Fuzzy Control

Stochastic Linearization of a Boolean Hysteresis Model

Hysteretic MDOF Model to Quantify Damage for RC Shear Frames Subject to Earthquakes

Boolean Modeling and Analysis of Smart Material Properties

Random Vibrations of an Isochronous SDOF Bilinear System with Secondary Structure

Chaotic Pounding of Structures in Earthquakes

Solitons and Chaos in Nonlinear Periodic Structures

Computer Simulations of Damage Formation and Propagation in Composites

Reliability-Based Optimal Control of MDOF Structures

Modal Analysis for Cantilever Beam Response to Nonstationary Colored Random Excitation

Design of Proof-Mass Vibration Controllers for High-Rise Buildings via LQR Equivalance Consideration

A Shear Locking Free Three-Node Triangular Plate Bending Element for Moderately-Thick and Thin Symmetrically Cross-Ply Laminated Plates
A shear locking free three-node triangular plate bending element based on Reissner/Mindlin theory for symmetric general cross-ply laminated plates is developed. The element has total nine...

Nonstationary Response Characteristics of Linear MDOF Systems
A new approximate methodology for nonstationary random vibration analysis of multi-degree-of-freedom linear systems is developed. Simple analytical expressions for the covariance response...

Equivalence Between Motions with Noise-Induced Jumps and Chaos with Smale Horseshoes
For certain sets of parameters multi-stable oscillators excited by noise can exhibit irregular jumps. We consider one-degree-of-freedom near-integrable multi-stable systems whose unperturbed...





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