3-D Adaptive Grid Modeling for Groundwater Mechanics

Seismic Performance of Hillside Fills

Liquefaction of Coralline Soils during the 1993 Guam Earthquake

Slip Displacements of Geosynthetic Systems under Dynamic Excitation

Oxnard Airport Asphalt and Base Course Recycling

Continuous Deflection Basin Measurement and Backcalculation Under a Rolling Wheel Load Using Scanning Laser Technology

Mix Testing and Analysis Systems Resulting from SHRP Contract A-003A

Soil Suction Applications in Geotechnical Engineering Practice
This proceedings, Soil Suction Applications in Geotechnical Engineering Practice, consists of papers presented in a technical session at the...

Electrical Considerations of a Variable Speed Project

Application of Reliability Centered Maintenance at PG&E's 91 MW Stanislaus Hydroelectric Project

Ductile Iron Pipe in Earthquake/Seismic Activity

Influence of Tertiary Creep on the Uplift Behaviour of a Pipe Embedded in a Frozen Soil

Installation Technique and Field Performance of HDPE, Profile Pipe

Recent Scenario Development Methodologies Within SKB

ELlipse-based Discrete Element Model for Granular Materials: Validation Testing

Stress Fluctuations and Shear Zones in Quasi-static Granular Chute Flows

Effects of Test Methods on the Cyclic Deformation Characteristics of High Quality Undisturbed Gravel Samples

Second-Order and Overall Stability Analyses for Tall Building Structures with Stepped Cross-Sections and with Floor Slab Deformations Considered

Analysis of Anisotropy in Sheet Forming Using Polycrystal Plasticity

Computational Issues Associated with Hyper-Anisotropic Media





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