Inspecting Buried Plastic Pipe Using a Rotating Sonic Caliper

Earthquake Loss Estimation Techniques for Pipelines

Stress Relaxation in Constantly Deflected PE Pipes

The Strain Equation -- Incidence on Buried Steel Pipe Design

Structural Performance Criteria for Fitness-for-Service Evaluations of Underground Natural Gas Pipelines

Deformation of HDPE Pipes Due to Ground Saturation

Engineering Mechanics
This proceedings, Engineering Mechanics: Proceedings of the 10th Conference, contains papers presented at the Conference held in Boulder, Colorado,...

Learning the Ropes at Richard B. Russell Dam: Net Systems for Medium Head Hydropower Pumpback and Generation Fish Sampling

Monitoring and Analysis of Dam Deformations Sherman Island Hydroelectric Development

The World Highest Head Adjustable–Speed Pumped Storage—Okukiyotsu No. 2 Hydro Project, Japan

The Grizzly Powerhouse—A Modern High-Head Hydrogenerating Facility

Fluid Mechanical Design of the Potential Flow Turbine

Optimization of Mechanical Behaviour of Hydro Generator Stator Cores Due to Buckling Effects

Comparisons Between Complete and Slice Finite Element Models of a Multiple Arch and Buttress Dam

Behavior of Pipelines Buried in SCP-Improved Ground during Earthquakes

Mechanism of Gas Pipeline Failures on Balboa Boulevard during the 1994 Northridge Earthquake

East Bay Municipal Utility District Water Distribution Damage in 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake

Pipeline Experiment Co-Located with USGS Parkfield Earthquake Prediction Project

Seismic Damage Estimation for Buried Pipeline Systems

Hazard Rating for Low Drops





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