The Taller the Deeper (Available only in the Geo/Environmental Special Issue)
While debate rages on about which structure holds the title of the world's tallest building, there is no dispute over which building has the deepest foundation. At 130 m below...

Practical Guide to Grouting of Underground Structures
This book presents a hands-on discussion of grouting fundamentals and provides a foundation for the development of practical specifications and field procedures. The author takes a practical...

Rock Foundations
This manual provides technical criteria and guidance for the design of rock foundations for civil works or other similar large military structures. It provides a minimal standard to be...

Design of Sheet Pile Walls
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 15 From foundation exploration and testing procedures...

Uncertainty in the Geologic Environment
from Theory to Practice
The state-of-the-art is presented with respect to analytical and design methods incorporating uncertainty in the geologic environment. Particular emphasis is placed on practical applications...

Prediction and Performance of Municipal Landfill Slope

Touchdown for O-Cell Test
The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was badly damaged by the Northridge earthquake. There was seven months to complete 3 years of work to be ready in time for football season. The project...

Earthworks and Foundation Treatment at Delta Port Container Terminal, Vancouver, B.C.

Elasto-Plastic Response of Deep Foundations and Soil for Ship Impact Loading; Apalachicola River Bridge, Florida

A New Method for Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis of Wharves on Pile Foundations, Port of Los Angeles

The Yangpu Bridge: A World Record Cable-Stayed Bridge

Life Extension of Transmission Lines at Ontario Hydro

Project Structural Peer Review in Massachusetts

The Problem with Foundation Design for AASHTO Seismic Performance Category B

Dynamic Testing of Pile Foundations During Construction

Dynamic Soil-Bridge Interaction

Experimental Modeling of Pile Group in Clayey Soil

Probabilistic Assessment of Footing Immediate Settlement: Geotechnical Uncertainty versus Model Sophistication

A Comparison of Pile Design Methods Using Model Factors

Buckle Propagation and Arrest in Deep-Water Pipelines





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