An Analytical Hierarchy Process for Decision Making of High-Level-Waste Management

Expert Judgment in NRC Licensing Proceedings and Its Impact on the Regulatory Decision-Making Process

A Decision-Making Students Project for Site Selection of HLW Repository

Fuzzy Decision Analysis for Power Recreation, and Environmental Objectives on the Green River, CO and UT

Decision Making Support System for Emergency Shutdown of Gas Lifeline System

Decision Support System in Watershed Management

Integrated Resources Management of the Tempisque River Watershed in Costa Rica

Crop Consumptive Use Model Using GIS and Database

The Real Potential of Automated Weather Networks

Performance Curves for Border Irrigation

Process and Criteria for Technology Adoption Decisions

Firm's Capacity Choice Model in Competitive Bidding Environment

Construction Delay Analysis System Computer Program

Environmental Issues on Major Highway Corridor Projects: The Los Angeles Experience

Evaluation of Transportation Alternatives for Tallahassee's Proposed Northeast Parkway

Condition Assessment of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works

High Speed Ground Transportation in California

Groundwater Models in Decision Making: Current Limitations and Research Directions

An Integrated Transportation Planning Process for System Development Utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Risk-Based Decision Support for Dredging the Lower Mississippi River





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