INTEGRAL Project: TERRA Decision Support System

The INTEGRAL Project: The PRSYM Reservoir Scheduling and Planning Tool

Multiobjective Optimization of the Dial-a-Ride Problem Using Simulated Annealing

Improving the Management Decision Process at Fort Steward, Georgia

Of Tools and Toys: Software for Water Resources Decision Support Systems (DSS)

A Computer Based Model for Integrated Assistance to the Planning of Building Projects

An Integrated Transportation Planning Process for System Development Utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Improving Design Problem Formulations Using Machine Learning

A Probabilistic Machine Learning Model for Supporting Collaborative Design

Decision Support in M&R Planning of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works

A Fuzzy Logic Model for Automated Decision Making of Pavement Maintenance Management

Application of Bayesian Influence Diagrams to Risk Analysis of Highway Construction Costs

Integrated Solid Waste Management: 1. Mathematical Modeling

Integrated Solid Waste Management: 2. Decision Support System

Capture and Utilization of Project Experience Through Case-Based Reasoning and Hypermedia Technologies

Decision Support System for Air Quality Management

Evaluation of the Construction of Containment Barriers

A Fuzzy Multi-objective Approach to Risk Management

A Cooperative Design Support Environment

Modelling Construction Information Using OO CASE Tools





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