Probabilistic Slope Stability in Theory and Practice

Risk Analysis in Dam Safety Practice

Understanding Current Standards Usage and Its Implication for Computer-Based Support Tools

A Computerized Decision Support System Applied to NAPL Cleanup

Engineering Judgment in the Evolution from Deterministic to Reliability-Based Foundation Design

A Fuzzy Logic Paradigm for Fault Trees and Event Trees in Risk Assessment

Structuring Cases in a Case-Based Design Aid

Design Decision Making for Infrastructures under the Restriction of the Energy Consumption

Risk Assessment Approach to Dam Safety Criteria

CERCLA Liability and the Environmental Professional—An Overview of Judicial Developments

HERMES: An Integrated Environment for the Design of On-Line Decision Support Systems

Reversibility Measures for Sustainable Decisions
Increasing stress on the environment and current norms of sustainable development have prompted the formalization of new approaches to decision making. This may be achieved through the...

Use of Fuzzy Logic and Similarity Measures in the Risk Management of Hazardous Waste Sites

Constructor Prequalification
Choosing the Best Constructor and Avoiding Constructor Failure
This comprehensive, practical manual illustrates how owners can evaluate and select constructors for various civil engineering projects using the process of constructor prequalification....

Uncertainty Modeling for Preliminary Design of Structures

A Decision Support System for Dynamic Pre-Trip Route Planning

Preliminary Features of a Decision Support System for Incident Detection

CHEMFLO Modeling of Aquifer Bioremediation in Vadose Zone
This paper deals with bioremediation in the vadose zone with an emphasis on using numerical models as a tool to ensure that the concentration of nutrients is maintained at a required level....

Impacts of Climate Change in the Missouri River Basin
The Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) is being used as a base model to simulate the Missouri River basin for prediction of the impacts of climate change on water resources in the region....

Uncertainty as a Parameter for Decision Making





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