A Decision Making Approach for Stormwater Management Measures—A Case Example in the City of Waukesha, Wisconsin
An urban nonpoint source pollution predictive model (Source Load and Management Model—SLAMM; Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 1990), and a decision matrix developed specifically...

Optimization of Water Distribution System with Blending Requirements
In a multi-source, multi-quality water distribution system, local water agencies often find that it is necessary to impose blending requirements to secure the desired water quality in...

A Decision Support System for Minimizing the Disturbance of Airfield Construction (SFIA Case Study)

A Decision Support Tool for the Steel Building Industry

Visualization of Spatial and Geometric Databases for Construction Projects

Organizing and Evaluating Uncertainty in Geotechnical Engineering

Geologic Uncertainties in Tunneling

Decision Support
A number of factors have combined to make a computer-based decision support system (DSS) for power system operations attractive to Great Lakes Power Limited (GLP), a private utility that...

Rx for Risk Communication
When American adults are asked what they fear most, a majority rank public speaking ahead of death, divorce and unemployment. This news may not surprise many environmental project managers,...

Implementing the Knowledge Worker System (KWS) in an Engineering Environment

Just One More Boring, and We'll Know for Sure!

Key Risk Attributes in the Perception of Engineering Design Options

An Iterative, Probabilistic Environmental Decision Analysis Approach

An Architecture Integrating Symbolic and Connectionist Models for Traffic Management Center Decision Support

A Sequential Hypothesis-Testing Based Freeway Incident Response Decision-Making System

Semantic Comparison of Selective and Constructive Induction

The Influence of Trust on Risk-Based Decision Making

Process Models in Enterprise Engineering - Tools for Enhancing Process Description

Constraint Based Reasoning Using Grobner Bases

Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources VII
This volume, Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources VII, comprises edited papers from the proceedings of the Seventh Engineering Foundation...





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